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How to Store Poppers

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How to Store Poppers


There are many rumours online about the life of poppers, the best ways to store and use them, so we are here to clear things up with the truth. When stored correctly, poppers can last months to years and still maintain their ultra strong rush. When the bottle is opened, if not taken care of properly, the effects will rapidly decline in a matter of weeks, if not sooner. We’ve been selling and using poppers for years, so we will cover our top tips for getting the best out of your aromas. Not only that, but we have information directly from the manufacturers on how to correctly extend their life. We want everyone to have the best experience, so let’s start.


Light and heat will degrade poppers quickly, as will oxygen. If left open, your bottle will run out fast, so make sure that it’s tightly sealed when not in use. Most bottles have locking caps for this purpose, and to avoid leakage. Sunlight will negatively affect the liquid, so always make sure to keep your bottles in a dark place and never in direct sunlight. Heat is another factor, so keeping the poppers in a cool place will improve their lifespan. You may notice that glass bottles are made from brown glass and have a plastic cover over the top, this is to stop the sunlight getting to the liquid inside. The amber glass will block UV light. Transferring the liquid to a clear bottle is a bad idea for this reason.

Ideal: In The Fridge

If you have a refrigerator available, keeping them in the fridge is the best solution. This would maintain darkness and low temperature consistently. When you are ready to use the poppers, you should remove them from the fridge and wait for them to warm up to room temperature. You will feel stronger effects when they are at room temperature, so it’s worth the wait. Make sure that the condensation on the outside of the bottle does not enter the bottle itself. If the condensation combines with the poppers, it will lower the quality by a lot. Do not heat the bottle, as it may cause the glass to break.

When you’re done, pop the bottle back in the fridge until next time.

Good: In a Dark Cupboard or Box

If you don’t have a fridge available, keeping the poppers in a dark place like a cupboard or box is also a good solution. Make sure the area is away from the sun, and is in a cool location. Storing your bottles like this will increase the lifespan by a lot, so it’s a very good idea.

Bad: In Direct Sunlight

It’s definitely a bad idea to keep your aromas in direct sunlight, don’t do this.

Tip: Shake Before Use!

It’s a great idea to shake the bottle before use, this will make your experience far superior. Try it out!


Unopened bottles, when stored right, can potentially last up to multiple years and maintain their strength. Although we do not advise to wait years, it’s definitely possible.

Once opened, depending on how you look after them, poppers should keep their strength from weeks to months. You will notice a decrease in strength over time.

If not taken care of, poppers could start to lose their strength in a matter of days, so it’s always a good idea to look after them.

All of this is true for authentic poppers from the original brands. It’s increasingly likely to run into fake poppers from sellers on apps or social media, so we would strongly advise to only buy from legitimate sellers. Fake poppers, which are also a big health risk, do not maintain their strength over time because the quality is low. We have had reports of people opening sealed poppers and there being no effect, this would be because counterfeits aren’t about quality.

Information in this post are from our experience, our own testing, and information directly from the manufacturers. Please note that at Philippines Poppers, we receive new stock weekly to keep the poppers as fresh as we possibly can.

You can buy genuine poppers from our online store, as well as other reputable sellers in the Philippines.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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